GM: TheNewGuy
Starting Date: TBD
Genre: Superheros!
Schedule: TBD

Power Level:

Look okay, GURPS is a great system but you CANNOT judge a character’s power or usefulness solely through point costs. Some advantages cost objectively more than their usefulness would suggest (Regrowth), and even the best, most fair system cannot truly anticipate how traits can combine for exponentially increased power… or dramatically decreased. For instance, if your character knows Kung Fu but has taken an oath to never harm another person (though he is extremely able to do so), this limits your massive Kung Fu awesomeness to only be used against robots, zombies, and animals. Sure you got points back for the Pacifism disadvantage, but so did that guy with no fighting skills whatsoever who can’t hurt anybody if he tried.

Because a character’s combat power cannot be judged through point costs, I have elected to ignore them. Come up with your character’s theme and backstory. Figure out how you want them to work. If you must have a power level to judge by, 200-500. Think a high-grade Street-level super or a low-level Classic. I’m going to try and keep characters more or less equal in usefulness, not point cost.

This is somewhere between a Four-Color game and a Cinematic, to use the definitions in GURPS Supers: We’re ignoring the Comics Code for the most part, but I’m not after the gritty and bloody feel of what came after its dissolution. Trying to go for a real Larger-than-Life feel. Think somewhere between an 80s comic book and the latest stuff from Marvel Movie Studios.

Campaign Background:

TL: 8 MOSTLY, some organizations and individuals can have higher or lower TLs depending on backstory and individual theme. Mutants, psionics, aliens (from other worlds and other planes), and magic all exist.

The setting is The City, a fictional triple metropolitan area near a great lake.

The city of Fairfield boasts the bulk of The City’s commercial center and many of its middle class residents. As one might expect, it is also the site of a sizable airport. The Fairfield Nuclear Power Plant is just a ways north of the city. Armed robberies occur here more often than in other parts of The City largely due to the prevalence of banks and other financial institutions.

Port Caroll is on the shore of the lake and is where the seaport is, this makes it a bustling hub of industrial and physical trade of goods and passengers, legal and otherwise. Its power grid is isolated and run by an old oil plant built in the 1960s. Contract issues with the local power company prevent its merging with the electrical districts of Fairfield and brownouts are common. Port Caroll’s big population draw is its abundance of working-class labor and low tax rate.

Greeneridge is the center of high-tech industry in The City, located in a hilly region with convenient lanthanide ores. The crown jewel of the city is the particle collider under the TL 9+ Curie Institute for Advanced Research. Greeneridge also sports an array of wind turbines on the hilltops. Its sloped and forested terrain are known to be rather beautiful and Greeneridge boasts the highest average property value in The City both because of its beautiful terrain and good educational system. It also touches the lake, but the water is too shallow to boast anything but a classy marina and some high-value waterfront.

In between the three major metro areas is a large, densely forested city park as well as a zoo. It is one of the largest municipal parks in the country.

Crimefighting without a government-issued license is illegal under the vigilanteism law in The City, but the chief of police has publicly acknowledged that his force is unable to handle some of the higher-power threats out there without help and as such, as long as the city’s heroes are careful not to cause permanent injury or death in the criminals they pursue and do not otherwise make themselves a nuisance, his forces are going to focus on other priorities.

Tl;dr: Your role is to send bad guys to jail. NOT kill them.

Player Concepts:

Rogues Gallery:

(WIP; not sure how many spoilers to give ya ;) )

Heroes of the Three Cities